About Search Engine 
A search engine is collection of programs that gathers information from the web, indexes it, and puts it in a database so that it can be searched. The search engine takes the keywords or phrase you enter in the search from and then searches the database attached to it with the search phrase. If it does not found any match then it returns message “no match found”, 

Some robots are intelligent as they can also find synonyms of the keywords and so results matching those synonyms will also be displayed. Others can automatically remove articles and preposition from the key phrase and then perform the search. Still others can find the meaning of the key phrase and display results.

It is one of the popular engines used today, initially developed and used by Digital Equipment. Web sites are easier Corporation to perform searches on their personal network. Instead of therefore giving a longer list of hits.

Excite engine connect you to many channels (channels are collection of information). The News channel is a search service containing information all the magazines and the newspaper on the web. Chat is another channel conations collection of bulletin boards and chat rooms for online discussions.

A Google search engine has won the outstanding search engines watch Award for the year 2000. Google is a user friendly search engines.
It is one of the fastest fourth generation search engines as it contains information on the latest topics.

With hot Bot you can search the web, Usenet, news sites, classifieds, domain name, stocks, discussion groups, and shareware.
It displays ten to hundred results at a time. You can also follow links to web pages and use it find businesses, people, and email addresses. You restrict you results data-wise also.You can also limit your search to a particular media like audio, video, image, and shockwave. 

Infoseek search engines provides access FAQS, news groups, e-mail addresses, company profiles, special reviews of websites, etc.It again provides you a facility to locate the e-mail addresses of people by giving information like there first name, last name, city, and states.
It search result gives ten result in each page. The user has the option to hide the summary. Info seek is now known as the search engines Go and can also be accessed as

 6. Rediff
This is yet another popular Indian search engines. Apart from phrase search, redif provides many features like the latest news.
It also provides special service like air/rail details, daily news sletters, and weather broadcast. Communication is the heart of rediff. You can chat, send mails, greetings and instant messages, voice your opinions, build your own home page and send even an e-mail from your mobile.

7. Yahoo
Yahoo comes to be known as one of the best engines on web. The middle of 1995. Yahoo is actually a web directory rather then a search engine. Yahoos are first scanned by an editor who sees if it is worth installing the new web site in its database.

Examples of search engine are:
1.    Goggle
2.   Excite
3.   Alta Vista
4.   LYOS
5.   Hot boot
6.   Khoj
7.   Lycos
8.   Magellan
9.   IN
10. Rediff
11.Web crawler
12. Yahoo!
13. ASK
14. LIVE
15. AOL

They all share more similarities than differences.