Seo Tool

Multiple URLs Opener

A power full SEO tool opens multiple websites at the same time. A Single click and              Save time for open many site.

Nevertheless, I like to keep my favorite bookmark (basically a list of URLs) in a text file      (world file) & keep it in my USB drive. This gives me full flexibility to access them on other computers. This tool help me open multiple websites from this list of URL in one go with a single click. It saves my times when I am working with a lot of websites. Share with you SEO friend.

Robo Form

Robo Form makes logging into Web sites and filling forms faster, easier, and more secure. You have to do is click the link below and then click “Download Robo form”.   Robo form Saves Time – Fills long registration and checkout forms with one click. Robo Form's powerful Logins feature eliminates the manual steps of logging into any online account. With just one click Robo Form will navigate to a Web site, enter your username and password and click the submit button for you.